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Bring your yard to LIFE with a beautiful WATER feature!

         Just think about how awesome it would be to have your very own water feature!  A place you can relax and unwind after a long day. There is nothing more exciting then having a water feature in YOUR back yard.  A ​waterfall, pond or some type of water element can transform your backyard.
       Water can bring a sense of peace, calm and tranquility.  It's the one element in a landscape design that can capture your attention immediately. 

     Picture this; a pond with a beautiful waterfall flowing into it, Think of the lilies blooming, and fish darting along in your pond. Can you smell the fresh air?  Now wait a minute! Are you thinking maintenance is too much?  Well with a well-balanced eco-system, maintenance is very minimal.  If your not convinced, how about a Pondless Waterfall?  It's one of our most popular features.  No maintenance required.  Or you can keep it even simple by add a Bubbling Rock.  There are so many ideas, and so much potential for your backyard.  
     Below are some of our beautiful water features. Take a look and  give us a call at ​(208) 968-8034. We can share some ideas and brainstorm.  It's time to bring that Little Oasis into your backyard.